YARDer Fun


YARD is a youthfull organisation driven by the youths.It profoundly believes in educating and uniting the  youths through cohersive fun youth activities.YARD believes in the power of ball games such as soccer,netball and volleyball to foster unity and peace, thus YARD will coordinate Soccer and Netball for Peace tornaments around the country.We believe that if today you could play soccer with me, tommorow you cannot be swayed by frebbies to beat me up.

YARD also believes in allying with likeminded youths organisations that share its objectives.Therefore YARD will accept invitations to functions, activities,festivals,campaigns and public debates that it has been invited to.YARD will also hold such and likewise invite youth organisations to participate in the festivities.

YARD dedicates itself to adapting to and adopting tending youth interests and concerns for it to remain relevant and intouch with the  people.

We do what we love doing and we love what we do.Our Agendas are 1.the youth 2.the youth 3.the youth

Vauya Vanogona
Vanogona Vauya

National Commander
Recruitment and Mobilization