Matebeleland South

Matabeleland South Province is comprised of seven districts and thirteen constituencies. As its name suggests, the province is located in the Southern part of Zimbabwe. The Province boasts of three towns, namely, Beitbridge, Plumtree and Gwanda, which is the Provincial Capital.

Although the province is dominated by the Ndebele speaking people, it boasts of cultural diversity as it is composed of a mélange of ethnic entities. The presence of the Shona speaking (all Shona dialects), the Venda, Sotho, Kalanga, isiTshangani, and Tswana among others, justifies the general assumption that Matabeleland South is the most culturally diverse province in the country.



Matebeleland South

Matabeleland South is home to arguably one of the busiest borders in the region, Beitbridge border post. This hub of activity is created against the background of the good relations that Zimbabwe enjoys with its neighbour, South Africa. The province also hosts the Zimbabwe-Botswana borders. Given the powerful Botswana economy and currency, Plumtree border post is arguably the second busiest in the country after Beitbridge.

The province was also home to the iconic, late Zimbabwean Vice-President, father of nationalism and Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo. His legacy serves as a source of inspiration to many Zimbabwean youths and for Matabeleland South in particular. He remains a relevant, inspirational and revolutionary character and youths believe there is a lot to learn from his legacy.

Matabeleland South prides itself on its host of rich natural resources. Its mineral endowments extends from, gold deposits, limestone and chrome amongst a long list of minerals. The presence of the Matopos World Heritage Site, not only elaborates the extent of the unique landscape but also that of a province rich in flora and fauna. Despite the drought prone nature of the Province which lies in metrological region five, the area is conducive for ranching, wildlife conservation and has vast irrigable tracts of land.

Matabeleland South is a Province full of a wide range of investment opportunities. These spread from mining, farming, tourism, industrial development, energy, communication and logistics to mention but a few.

Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy seeks to champion youth participation in the development process of the Province. It advocates for community based lobbying with emphasis on redressing social injustices associated to the marginalisation of the youth in governance matters. This will be achieved by promoting the youth agenda to enhance the responsiveness of the development plan by embracing the needs based approach in agenda setting.

Anyone interested in being part of the YARD Matabeleland South team, please contact the following:
Provincial Commander: Ronald Moyo on +263 778 045 578
Provincial Commander for Administration: Ndampande on +263 785 733 466
Provincial Commander for Recruitment and Mobilisation: Khulani Ndlovu on +263 774 492 862

Or email: