Mashonaland East

Mash East is a province that is divided into 9 Districts which are namely, Marondera, Goromonzi,  Seke, Wedza, Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, Murehwa,Mudzi,Mutoko and Chikomba. The capital of the province being Marondera which is a satellite of the sunshine city (Harare). The population of the province is estimated to be 1.35million.

The Province is rich in a lot of activities that can help in the main stream economy of the nation. Mash East practices agriculture at a larger scale as compared to other provinces. The Climate is very enabling for agriculture provided that the people are given the rightful resources and Markets to sale their produce.

We are not only an Agro based province but we also have a lot of service delivery within the province which is also a source of employement to a fraction of the Youths in the Province. We also believe that there is a lot of work to be done to exploit some of the resources to enable service provision within the Province. In past years Mash East has also given birth to recognised youth foundations one of them being YODAT  Youth Development Aids Trust the organisation was set up to inpower the youths of the knowledge needed to have and live healthy life styles and we as YARD we share the same sentiments with such organisations and we therefore take the honor to support the going concern aspect of such organisations as they equip the youths the good moral values and principles.

YARD is spreading its existance in the entire province as we now have representantives in each and every District to help you with the relavant information about YARD, our Objectives, vision and mission. We therefore take this opportunity to call upon every youth who feel that they have something to offer to their generation that they join YARD an Idea whose time has come.

The Province is also rich in sports talent as from our findings as YARD and we look forward to advocate for those that have the potential to become better athletes to receive recorgnition locally and abroad. Its an area that the government has done little to promote talent so it has came to our attention as YARD that there is need to help ourselves discover the talent in the youths and invest in it rather than letting it die a natural death....

We believe that we have the power to re write our destiny as the Youths. Previous generations have failed us but we need to do something as we still have the energy to participate in policy formulation and implementation. As a province and as YARD we dont discriminate based on political affiliation but we encompass every youth to participate in making a difference in these our societies we come from.