The ongoing national triple crisis composed of economic, social and political dimensions has created greater public debate on intergenerational justice and more sustainable forms of development.  Harare is not immune to these ongoing external shocks.  While the Government is working to build national resilience in the present, heated debates continue on future development paths for the country. 


YARD Harare looks forward to working tirelessly with the government, the private sector and all stakeholders to speed up the rebuilding of our Province and nation at large.
Harare province is subdivided into six districts namely Harare North, Harare West, Harare South, Harare East, Chitungwiza and Epworth. Demographically, youths (15-24) in Harare constitute 22% of the total population and youth unemployment is at 17.3% (ZimStats).

The current economic hardship strongly requires full participation of youths in national building and as YARD we are ready to embrace all political parties, clubs, unions, organisations and push for economic growth and reforms. YARD Harare province invests in a network of youth activities and programs to alleviate the effects of poverty and to provide opportunities for youths in Harare to express their views and fight for their rights.
Hopefulness about economic prospects persists among youth even though the country is experiencing low growth rate. YARD Harare is optimistic, bringing the energy needed by decision makers, legislators and bureaucrats, to tackle the many challenges Zimbabwe is facing today. With the YARD objectives we are very optimistic about a better economic future, violence-free-political environment and adherence to human rights.
Success is not about earning. It is not about status quo. Success is about having the freedom to follow your passion. It is about living your dreams and YARD will see us living our dreams we have always wanted. The time is now and we are ready to take the flag of YARD to greater heights collectively with other organizations. Together as youths, as YARD members, as leaders of today and as citizens of Zimbabwe we will rebuild our Nation. But it is still up to the youths to make sure that the trajectory of development continues to move towards progress and opportunity, so that the next generations to come will not be disappointed by us.

Please contact the below for more information or membership to YARD Harare Province:

Provincial Commander: Chris Dzvairo on +263 717 928 397
Provincial Commander for Administration: Adam Mari on +263 775 718797
Provincial Commander for Recruitment & Mobilisation: Lancemore Sigudu on +263 774 600 264
Or email: harare@yard.org.zw