Education & Culture

As YARD we believe that our advocacy for political space for the youths is not premised on the politics of entitlement but rather on the theory of competence.We believe that education is the primary fuel to the vihecle of political,social and economic emancipation of the Zimbabwean people.YARD will stand vigillantly to defend the education of the youth.We aim to advocate and secure equittable access to free education in Zimbabwe. We also advocate for the emancipation of Student unions and student affairs from the poisonous tenticles of politicians into the hands of students thus justifying YARD's Student Command.

Zimbabwe is a nation of cultural diversity.We have the Shona, Ndebele,Kalanga,Tonga,Venda,Manyika,Korekore, Ndau amongst many others.We boast of being a rainbow nation in our cultural diversity.

We as YARD have managed to unite people in their diversity in a new hybrid culture which is the Youth.In YARD is a manifestation of a great degree of tolerance and respect of cultural diversities as the youth.

We may differ in our backgrounds but our destination is the same.

Vanogona Vauya
Vauya Vanogona

National Commander
Recruitment and Mobilization

Manyengawana Lennon