How “Politically Exposed Persons” are affecting the economy

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya told some of us about PEP’s yesterday,Rand-Dollar-NotesPolitically Exposed Persons. In my view they are the reason we are in the mess we are in today. It is them that have withdrawn morbid amounts of cash from banks that cant say no to them and left the wells dry. This problem we have is Bigger than the RBZ Gorvernor and its only when we increase productivity and resusitate the industries that we will be able have a proper in flow of money in Zimbabwe.

As long as these PEP’s continue with their self centred modus operandi mbuya vanorima cotton kumusha vachabhadharwa nebond note yet the PEP’s remain untouched and continue siphoning our forign currency. My concern is whilst the ordinary person is subjected to limits on withdrawals at banks these people continue to have access USD $100 000 and more from the banks. Limits should not be selectively applied honestly. Dr Mangudya can only do so much in his capacity for the economy unless and until these PEP’s behave and our leaders agree that the country can no longer operate as an island. At the end of the day the hot mess will be deposited into his lap yet all he is trying to do is to mend what is already broken.

Furthermore, they should be seen to be taking strides towards finding startegies of increasing productivity..ehe zve makatora minda yacho kubva kuvarungu asi matadza zve kurima kwacho. We need those farms to be up and running again. Instead of concentrating on treating the symptoms to the problem by suggesting that all roads lead to the use of bond notes our leaders should concentrate on how to increase our export margin and keep in mind that to do so we cant only rely solely on the tobacco and mining. Start farming for goodness sake and inject capital that shall ensure that industries will indeed be functional again.

Instead of importing foreign cars for Ministers why not resusitate Zimoco and produce our own cars like we once did. Is this too difficult to wrap your heads around? Where are our leaders missing the plot?This is not rocket science, someone needs to shape up or ship out!

It is with gladness that we welcome the presence of the IMF in Zimbabwe for the coming week or two…we hope sensible resolutions will be made about the indebtedness of our country.

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