In what can only be described as a flagrant display of gross human rights abuse and blatant disregard for the Constitution of Zimbabwe, Zanu PF through “their” law enforcement arm, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have once again instituted the draconian POSA act and arrested the Founder & Commander in Chief of the Youth Advocacy for Reform & Democracy (YARD), Temba Mliswa.

Not only has the unconstitutional POSA act been cited in this matter, but evidence of the level of disrespect of the Zimbabwe Constitution by members of the ruling party was glaringly captured on camera. The Umzingwane Rural District Councillor in Matabeleland South Province, Councillor Patson Sibanda foolishly and in total ignorance of his terms of reference as a Councillor, invaded Commander-in-Chief Mliswa’s private space and slighted the Constitution of Zimbabwe as “a stupid book” whilst unashamedly clamouring for unjustified and unwarranted recognition and respect in a move that was way over his sphere of jurisdiction and at best can be described as confrontational and pitiful.

This example of bully boy tactics exposes not only the disdain and disregard members of the ruling party, supposedly in positions of oversight and leadership, have for our Constitution, but further reveals the hideously lows levels these rabid, power hungry monsters will go to grasp on to the remaining semblance of authority they profess to possess. It is clear that the state machinery continues to be employed to oppress the voice of discontent. However such acts will not stop YARD from asking “where the $15 billion went” or advocating for the active participation and inclusion of the youth in elective office.

Is it mere coincidence that this arrest of Temba Mliswa occurred just under 24 hours subsequent to his passionate plea to have the question of the $15 billion answered during the Bulawayo demonstration?

The draconian POSA Act MUST FALL. Already Zanu PF are panicking in their attempt to silence any voice of discontent preceding the 2018 elections, how much more desperate will they become as the time approaches? Where is the freedom of speech and association as espoused in the Constitution? It would now seem that Councillor Sibanda has answered on behalf of Zanu PF as to how they feel about such matters.

The ZRP and Zanu PF can not be allowed to continue to violate the constitution and our human rights with impunity and Councillor Sibanda should immediately resign for his open illustration of operating outside his terms of reference and a lack of regard for the country’s legal statues. In this light, YARD summarily demands that, failing his resignation, the Minister of Local Government and Public Works immediately opens an investigation into the conduct of said Councillor Sibanda in line with the tenets as espoused in the Rural District Councils Act Chapter 29:13

Our esteemed President R. G. Mugabe must be released from his bondage of ruling and be allowed the rest. Investors must be offered policy formulations to lure them back into the country and create employment opportunities for the millions of unemployed youth. “Where are the 2.2 million jobs?”

We are no longer afraid and we will not be silenced! We have nothing to lose because we have nothing!
Democracy must be allowed to prevail and violence, intimidation and injustice must end! YARD therefore issues a clarion call to all citizens of Zimbabwe to unilaterally denounce those who continue to stand in the path of progress as we call for the wealth of the country to be restored to its rightful owners, us, the downtrodden majority and out of the clutches of the greedy and corrupt minority.

‪#‎ReleaseTembaMliswaNow‬ and ‪#‎PosaMustFall‬

Vanogona Vauya…Vauya Vanogona!

Press statement ends…..

30 May 2016

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